March 6, 2015

Upcycle a Bottlecap into a Pincuchion

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-bottle cap (Any bottle cap will do, but you may need to adjust the amount of fabric you need in Step 2 - the cap I used came from an empty orange juice container.)
-1 "Fat Quarter" of your choice of fabric (Depending on the size of your bottle cap, less than one "fat quarter" will be needed.)
-needle & thread
-hot glue gun & glue
-stuffing or scraps to use as stuffing
-rick rack
-button (optional)


1. First, clean your bottle cap. If your bottle cap has sticker residue on it (like mine did) and you would like to clean it off, use a small amount of WD-40 and a rag on the area until the sticky residue has been removed.

2. Take the "fat quarter" of fabric and place it on a flat surface with the right side of the fabric facing down. Now, take your cleaned bottle cap and place it on the fabric. Starting at a distance of approximately 2 1/4 inches away from the bottle cap, trace a circle around the bottle cap.

Repeat this process once more. You should now have two circles of fabric.

3. Take one of the circles of fabric and folding down the sides as you go, stitch a long running stitch around the sides of the circle - much like making a yo-yo for a yo-yo quilt.

Pull the thread so that the fabric gathers together and the right side faces outwards, and add stuffing or fabric scraps until full. Don't pull the thread too tight, but pull it tight enough to securely hold in the stuffing and knot the thread.

4. Repeat step 3, but this time, do not stuff the circle and do not close the circle. Instead, take your bottle cap and place it flat-side down inside the circle and then gather the seams most of the rest of the way closed. However, do not knot this piece too close to the fabric or the thread may break before you finish the next step. (I actually didn't tie a knot at all.)

5. Take the hot glue gun and add glue to the inside of the bottle cap, beneath the gathered edges of the fabric. Now, fold down the gathered edges of fabric and press them to the bottle cap.

Add glue to the top of the fabric inside the bottle cap and to the opening side of the stuffed piece and press the two pieces together firmly.

6. Using the invisible seam / hidden stitch, sew together the top and bottom pieces for added durability.

7. Now, measure the circumference of the pincushion at the point where the two pieces are sewn together. Add about 1/2 - 1 inch extra, and cut that amount of rick rack. Use the hot glue gun to glue the rick rack in place.

8. Stick some pins in your new pincushion and enjoy your handmade crafting tool! :D

(Optional) If you want to hide the spot where the rick rack meets, you may glue a button to cover it.

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